Amazing Roofing And Construction Engineering in Ghana

Not only do we provide the Charlotte, NC area with the best roofing, construction and remodeling services but we also services the people of Ghana with exceptional crafstamanship and durable materials to ensure everyone from the America to America has a proper roof over their families heads. 

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Cherish Every Moment you Spend in Your Home is our Goal

Our services cover not only Charlotte but the whole of North Carolina. We have grown over the years and can provide construction, remodeling, roofing, and home improvement services. We want you to fall in love with your home, cherish every moment you spend in your house and enjoy the outstanding works of our designers and painters. We bring your vision to life, transform your ideas into reality, and, most of all, create inviting spaces for you. There is no more relaxing feeling than knowing you are going back to a home that you love, a kitchen that serves functionality and class, a bathroom that lets you relax and refresh, a paint job that makes you feel giddy inside, a home that can turn your frown into a smile. Our brand is about creativity, passion, fun, professionalism, and wittiness; therefore, do not be afraid to let your imagination run wild because we’ve got you!

Jordan is from Ghana and has an uncle in Ghana who has a construction company, too; safe to say it is a passion that runs in the family. ARC Roofing & Construction works with the best designers and painters to ensure your projects are satisfactory. To us, it is all about our client’s satisfaction; we keenly listen to what you say and offer suggestions and guidance when you need

  • CEO:

    Jordan Kpeli

  • Expert At:

    Roofing, Construction, Remodleing

  • Experience:

    20 Years



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