If you’re planning a construction project, you may be tempted to save some money by hiring an unlicensed general contractor. However, this is a risky move that could end up costing you more in the long run. Here are some reasons why you should always hire a licensed general contractor:

  1. Quality of work Licensed general contractors are required to meet certain standards of quality and safety. They have to pass exams and meet experience and education requirements to earn their license. This means they have the necessary knowledge and skills to complete your project to a high standard. Unlicensed contractors, on the other hand, may lack the necessary training and experience to deliver a quality product.
  2. Legal protection Licensed general contractors are required to carry insurance and bond their work. This protects you as the homeowner in case something goes wrong during the construction process. Unlicensed contractors may not have insurance, which means you could be held liable for any accidents or damages that occur on your property.
  3. Permits and inspections Licensed general contractors know how to navigate the permit and inspection process. They’ll make sure all necessary permits are obtained and that your project meets local building codes. This ensures your project is safe and up to code. Unlicensed contractors may not know how to obtain the necessary permits or comply with local regulations.
  4. Trustworthiness Licensed general contractors are held to a higher standard of trustworthiness. They’re required to undergo background checks and maintain a clean record to obtain and keep their license. This means you can trust that they’ll be honest and transparent throughout the construction process. Unlicensed contractors may have a history of legal issues or complaints that could make them less trustworthy.
  5. Accountability Licensed general contractors are accountable for their work. They’re required to provide a contract that outlines the scope of the work, the timeline, and the cost. If something goes wrong, you have legal recourse to hold them accountable. Unlicensed contractors may not provide a contract, leaving you with little recourse if something goes wrong.

In summary, hiring an unlicensed general contractor is a bad idea. You risk getting shoddy work, facing legal and financial liabilities, and dealing with untrustworthy contractors. Always hire a licensed general contractor who has the necessary knowledge, experience, and qualifications to deliver a quality project. This will ensure that your construction project is completed safely, legally, and to a high standard.

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